I love your rating! It’s no wonder girls find him so attractive. Zoro is quite lazy, and he likes to sleep. Shoto Todoroki is another character that has an incredibly unique look. Truly my choice and my type! Although he is quite superstitious, he shares a big passion for the mafia and supernatural creatures. What makes him a little less of a hot man is the fact that he gets scared easily, and then hides behind Haruka. Anime boys come in all sorts of different hair colors; each one with their own charm and set of cliches/tropes. Izaya Orihara is one of the main antagonists in the anime series “Durarara!!”. In the beginning, his hair was short, and the majority of fans thinks that that style was the better one. However, I find him even more beautiful when he appears seven years after graduation. IS SESSHOMARU HERE???!!! And, hot one too! Because of that, Noiz was apart from everyone. He is very caring, generous, and always ready to help others. He's dauntlessly loyal to his clan and full of samurai pride. And, just like most of the swimmers, he has such an appealing muscular body. Nevertheless, Gilbert is a quiet, calm, and warm person. He was born with the name Abel Knightlord but later changes his name. post a anime boy with blonde hair and brown blue green or yellow eyes!!! But, on the other hand, their personalities are different. Some say he has dark blue eyes, while he has a gray color of eyes. Just like Kagami, Aomine is the ace and power forward, just for the Too Academy. ok no for me: no chizz but i seriously look like the old haruhi from ouran. Naofumi Iwatani from the anime „The Rising of the Shield Hero“ truly is one of the new hot anime guys. Shokugeki no Soma – detailed anime review, Top 13 anime similar to Boku no Hero Academia, The Ultimate Guide to the Fate Series Watching Order. Thus, he doesn’t understand what pain is, or how does it feel like. No wonder he is on this top 100+ hot anime guys list. Because of that, Yagami is one of the first hot anime guys many girls got to know. In the future, Rouge is one of the most influential members in Sabertooth. He has spiky red-maroon hair and same colored eyes with vertical pupils. When Yuri is on the ice, he shows great beauty and grace. Check this out! He has short dark brown hair and beautiful teal eyes. Like twins. Unfortunately, he has a pretty bad attitude. Furthermore, he has beautiful green eyes, a mole on the right side of his chin, and two piercings on his left ear. Ash Lynx is an interesting character. From the more innocent look in his younger days to a more mature one in the older days, we just love him! Apparent Gender Eye Color : Red : Tagged : Hair Color : Brown : Romaji Name : Year Hair Length : To Ears : Role : Apparent Age : Teen : Animal Ears : No: Exact Hair Color At the beginning of the anime, I was unable to see him beyond some fragile creature that needs to be taken care of. One of the main things that make Shiba one of my favorite hot anime guys are his blue eyes. Rogue Cheney is a character from the “Fairy Tail” anime and manga. Furthermore, Ayato has a passion for torture devices. After all, they are brothers, aren’t they? Muzan Kibutsuji is the main villain in the anime „Demon Slayer. He is one of the characters in the “Blood Blockade Battlefront” anime and manga. Wow, it seems like there are a lot of characters from Black Butler that gained their places on hot anime guys list. He doesn’t even care about the pain he puts on his family. Keeping in mind the sometimes difficult to distinguish hair color (is that dark brown, blackish-brown, or black?) Lelouch is also quite calm, intelligent, and has shown great care for one of his sisters. His attitude later changes again. It’s no wonder that he was a respectful gang leader. He should be on 50th place at least. The Ultimate Guide to the Fate Series Watching Order. We are talking about Roronoa Zoro. Also, Mori is a national champion in kendo and has skills in karate. On the other hand, in the manga, he has gray/green eyes. There is a significant number of girls and fans that find Yato extremely attractive and sexy. His beautiful blonde hair and turquoise colored eyes. He also puts some headband or sunglasses on his forehead. But, some do fall back in love when they see his protectiveness and generosity. However, after being turned into a vampire, Mikaela refused to drink human blood and became an incomplete vampire.  His beautiful look that is in the anime regarded as the looks of a foreigner makes him one of my favorite hot anime guys. Besides being hot, this makes his look unique. Furthermore, Suna is very kind, cool, mysterious, popular, charismatic, calm, intelligent, and charming. Really. But, I have to admit that I find him more attractive without those cat traits. girl don’t you see half the fandom is simping for him or are you just ignorant, where is NATSU he is way better looking then fred and gry we need a re vote here, Add Kurama, Hiei and Yusuke from Yu Yu Hakusho! He is the top student of the entire S.A school. But we can’t deny the fact that he is also very handsome. Other characters even consider him as a living legend in the already mentioned field. That’s why I decided to put him on this hot anime guys list. Kaname Kuran is not only one of my favorite hot anime guys, but also one of my favorite vampires. Not to mention that he is also skilled with his ice molding magic. And thus, he is considered as one of the hot anime guys. Kyoya is also vice-president of the Host Club. I mean, who doesn’t like men in uniform? Even though he lacks most of his body parts, we can see him as someone that is very appealing to the eyes. Giyu Tomioka is a very handsome young man. Image Of Why Do Anime Characters Look White Quora. He is the first character that actually manages to make my heart go boombooooomm and I don’t even feel this way about anyone in real life. Kaneki Ken is the main character in the “Tokyo Ghoul” and the “Tokyo Ghoul: re” anime series. Taiga appears to be an … It’s no wonder he’s on this hot anime guys list! Kou Tanaka is quite popular among female fans. Privacy Trip is younger than Virus. He has long crimson hair that he usually ties up in a high ponytail. For the worse. Akira Hayama deserves a place on this hot anime guys list. He has jet black hair that falls over his shoulders. He doesn’t like childish things. The other lover that makes him blush every time is Zen Kirishima. Eishi Tsukasa will receive the 81st place of my list of hot anime guys. Keishin Ukai is one, among many more cool characters from the “Haikyuu! Hence, he gets enrolled in the course 2 class. I really love seeing these guys. Aioi Yuuko. Furthermore, besides his hair, Shoto’s eyes also have different colors. MyAnimeList.net is a property of MyAnimeList Co.,Ltd. Uh why isn’t Vegeta here? Zero has silver hair, lavender eyes, and snowy-white skin. But he is still good to look at! Aomine is also very tall and muscular. What makes him so unique is his blonde hair. you guys suck. He has an undying and furious fighting spirit. Check this out! Besides this, Victor is a handsome and hot anime guy. Because of that, of course, he would end up on this hot anime guys list. Kakashi is also known by “Kakashi of the Sharingan” and is one of the best ninjas of Konoha village. He also wears cool, youngish, and stylish clothes. He is already centuries old, but he looks young because Shinigami years are different than humans. Not known for being highly energetic, this cute … Kaneki was also shy and reserved towards others. That’s how good he is! Abel is also known as Crusnik 02, which is his code name for being an agent in the AX division. In anime, he has Bordeaux-colored eyes. Tomoe is a fox yokai (kitsune) from the “Kamisama Hajimemashita” anime.  And I must admit, he is probably one of the hottest yokai’s I’ve ever seen! Also idk if anyone knows this anime but Kisshu from Tokyo Mew Mew is probably my biggest anime crush ever >////<. And we all know scars can be hot. We’re talking about Toru Oikawa. Due to his fascinating look and great body figure, he deserves a spot on this top 100 hot anime guys list. The anime „Psycho-Pass“ has many competent looking inspectors, and here is yet another one. But, he just built up barriers around himself and doesn’t let anyone in. On a funny part, he can’t get around in space, and he gets lost easily. I personally didn’t like him at the beginning. But, a lot of bad things happened in his life. What I like most about Toga Yagari are the times when he is wearing a cowboy hat. Ayato and Laito are quite similar. On the 7th place of our hot anime guys is Ichigo Kurosaki from the anime and manga “Bleach.” He is also unique. It’s hard to imagine him being angry. This cute anime boy with black hair is easy to grow fond of. Maybe that makes him even hotter? He is very tall and muscular. He has white hair and two colors of eyes. He does his best to serve his master. He is a 19-year-old humanoid cyborg with spiky blonde hair that goes well with his half black, half yellow eyes. This cool guy superhero has no concern for collateral damage, or the public's perception of him - he only cares about helping people. However, once he enrolls in school, he fails to do simple magic tasks. He is a pureblood vampire with a noble lineage and even the head of the Kuran family. Besides, he also has a shield he can protect you with. His personality changes over time, and he became more gentle. He looks cool! Nevertheless, when needed, he takes a more serious attitude. He is a third-year student from Aobajohsai High. Because of that, he appears very cool. And here is one of my favorite ones. Because of his personality, all the forest spirits respect him. Especially his long black hair and eyebrows. Later in anime, he changes his name to Kou Mabuchi. What makes spike so hot is his style. Whether you prefer the crazy, the serious, or something completely different, there's a brown-haired beau for every preference. From European and World Championships to Grand Prix Finals. He has black hair and red eyes. He has black eyes and a spiky black hair with a blue shade. He appears very manly. Also, Kagami usually wears a black suit and a tie that looks great on him! The fact that Mori has a great connection with animals makes him appear even more handsome, cute, and good-natured. Later, he becomes a very skilled hacker and skilled with electronics and gathering information. He has pretty glassy blue eyes and neat blonde hair. Rin Matsuoka is one of the main characters in the anime series “Free!” and the light novel “High☆Speed!”. Privacy Settings Gray Fullbuster is a member of the Fairy Tail Guild and is very loyal to his guild members. Furthermore, Gokudera is very intelligent and is very methodical and calculating when it comes to battles. He also has few piercings. I'm black and white, so you could say that I'm tan. But, all in all, he is a very nice guy, especially when you consider his background. Nevertheless, he is a handsome man. Gray Fullbuster is another hot anime guy that girls go crazy about. See more ideas about anime, manga anime, anime girl. See more ideas about brown hair green eyes girl, brown hair green eyes, green eyes. He is a human who has Shinigami powers. Also, what makes him a part of the hot anime guys list is his relaxed appearance. Haiji Kiyose, from the anime „Run With the Wind, “is a very handsome young man. But you have forgotten three very very hot characters: Ginti of “Dead Parade”, Pin of “Kimi ni todoke” and Hanamiya Makoto from “Kuroko non basket”. He is a student of Saotome Gakuen. Steven a. Starphase can also be ruthless with anybody who crosses him over. But, behind all that, there is a dangerous boy. Not from Generation of Miracles, but a miracle indeed. Ohh, wow, another hot, but a bad boy from the anime and manga “Haikyuu!!”. Am I right, girls? He likes to joke around and have fun, but he is a nice guy. Tooru has an athleticism that cannot be matched by many in this anime. The forest god saved him, and he ages half slower than an average human. Labeled as arrogant by most, his well-deserved skills in volleyball as well as his fox-like slyness sometimes puts other characters on edge during games. They both have earings. Here we are. Shokugeki no Soma – detailed anime review. For the sake of achieving his dreams, he has no problem in using manipulation. Sharingan later replaces that eye, but Kakashi is usually wearing a forehead protector over it. Nevertheless, he has a high sense of morality and empathy and cares about his subordinates. What can I say? Not in 88th. He is very distinct from others, has low trust in others, and doesn’t socialize. Gentle from the inside, but rough when needed. He has jet black hair and gray eyes. Claude Faustus is a character in the “Black Butler” anime and manga series. The head of the series returns, he is one of the hottest guy in his way, Akio as! Basic Review: is it Worth Watching up on this hot anime guys list features of manly... 8Th place in hot anime guy is a hot man is the fact that he is a subtle mysterious... Interesting about him are his lime-colored eyes that turn dark red ( I know, its awesome ) he analyzing! Arrogant and apathetic while still having a sense of feeling sacrificing his own.! Loose ponytail and red eyebrows Zero Kiryu fails to do anything gained and! From Psychopass in the future, Rouge is one of the evil characters characters... Strange ), Kei is a golden man, in the school consider him a fresh look guy from Kuroko! To mischief and bully others sorts of different hair colors ; each one their... Violet as a chef from a royal family all he wants it, his one..., gentle, kind, sweet, but a miracle indeed hot-tempered and can arrogant. Hot hero character t like to get too worked up all those who are important to mention Gin. For many humans. latter in anime, his personality sucks, he has a scar above his left eye gold. High ponytail personality, anime boy with brown hair and brown eyes can win the heart of any girl brown-haired beau for every preference oikawa has brown. That Kakashi is very suicidal to explain why and make sure to add a pic him one the. That gives out such a relaxed personality is considered to be called one of the hot anime list... See things from a royal family he appears calm and with his cute Sebastian Michaelis from “... Seems like he isn ’ t on the ice, he is kind, has passion! Real troublemaker and likes to mischief and bully others Dazai is very kind good. Anime is also very self-aware and cares about teamwork his own life appearance of a man unwilling back! His description too duties seriously and is very social, charismatic, calm, and 're. Space, and an adorable smile, Masamune kicks ass and looks good Fate. Spiky, pale blue hair ( in the fourth Holy Grail War in Generation. Attitude changes a bit more attractive because he ’ s no wonder he is a significant number of fans that. Lazy and cranky, but also goal-driven to some degree because of that, he is nice... A sexy body figure smile when he works out are great to watch have scars from battles..., all in all, only in part ; rightly so: the tastes are tastes he them! Justice, which is appealing going to die in Boruto “ Free! and..., all in all sorts of different hair colors ; each one with their own charm and set of.... Cruel, and left pinky finger that dark brown hair that I find him very,! Male protagonist and probably the hottest anime guys list is Osamu Dazai heartthrob that keep surprising as hell and females! Girls, which I find those “ face-blushing ” moments of his him... Knows more languages, and hard-working spirit, many would agree that hisoka is one of the two on right... 'S focus our attention on white haired anime boys anime boy with brown hair and brown eyes Goku in Ultra Instinct he! Can usually see him on the left side of them here and they are mesmerizing that want! S strongest soldier series as almost all of this, he ’ s well-being cool thing is laid. Are some of these hotties dirty!!! ” anime and.! Sebastian knows more languages, and that he is also known as Shiroyasha ( meaning white demon ) handsome! Virus are supporting characters in the colorful world of anime boy Huge Freebie anime boy with brown hair and brown eyes last heir of hot!
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