0) and (a J Occup Health. Home » Decision Support in Medicine » LabMed. Your use of this website constitutes acceptance of Haymarket Media’s Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions. et al. Evaluating temporal trends from occupational lead exposure data reported in the published literature using meta-regression. Register now at no charge to access unlimited clinical news, full-length features, case studies, conference coverage, and more. Review of the peripheral smear is crucial. The anemia of lead intoxication is hypochromic and normo -or microcytic with associated reticulocytosis. Compared with environmental monitoring of airborne lead concentration and permissible exposure level, BPb is more reliable and can be used to determine gender-specific health effects of lead. High levels of lead may also cause seizures, coma, and death. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed in any form without prior authorization. Lead poisoning can cause anemia. 1 are the ratio of normal and abnormal hematological indicators in the subpopulation number of n J Hazard Mater. It may cause potentially permanent learning and behavior disorders in children, as it affects nervous system development. 2009;51:1–12. Dotted line, null value (OR = 1.0). As such, there are many other disorders that may cause an elevated LDH. 0) and Y Confounding was addressed using data stratification. To characterize exposure history, we collected birth dates, dates of employment and examination records from the subjects. Lead poisoning is what happens when lead builds up in your body over a period of months or years. Summary of the Benchmark dose (BMD) models used in this study. The BPb-hematological BMDs for female workers were lower than male, indicating that female workers are more vulnerable for lead-related anemia than male. Our estimation of BMD10 was similar to those reported by Karita et al. Female workers in the assembling group had a higher risk of 79.5%, resulting in hematological effects, which may exceed the acceptable level. Some of the effects are permanent. CancerTherapyAdvisor.com is a free online resource that offers oncology healthcare professionals a comprehensive knowledge base of practical oncology information and clinical tools to assist in making the right decisions for their patients. 2007;27:659–70. Cite this article. Privacy Many biomonitoring methods are capable of measuring the bioaccumulation of lead in the human body [1]. To prevent the confounding factors that may cause abnormal hematological indicators with lower occupational lead exposure, this study adjusted the estimation of ORs by excluding the low-level BPb (< 5 μg/dL). Full text Full text is available as a scanned copy of the original print version. Lead decreases heme synthesis by inactivating enzymes involved such as aminolaevulinic acid dehydrate, aminolaevulinic acid synthetase, corporphyrinogen oxidise and ferrochelatase. However, this correlation was not observed in female workers. Patients with lead poisoning will often show basophilic stippling. This data gap may influence our risk estimation results. Figure 3a shows that BMD10 were strongly correlated with BMDL10 for male (r = 0.69) and female (r = 0.82) workers. The direct antiglobulin test (DAT, direct Coombs test) should be negative (see chapter on laboratory testing for lead). Manage cookies/Do not sell my data we use in the preference centre. We used the health examination record to construct the dose-response relationships between BPb levels and adverse hematological indicators. Since antiquity, lead has been extensively mined, produced, and utilized in a variety of industrial settings, such as metallurgy, construction, production of plastics, ceramics, paints and pigments. California Privacy Statement, Very high lead exposure can cause death. Alteration or destruction of cells o occurs in certain genetic and cellular development disorders o aka hemolytic anemia. We report a case of lead poisoning resulting from the ingestion of solid metallic lead. Figure 5 shows the results of decision analysis. We also found out that some lead workers may still work in an unsafe condition with risk estimates of HI > 1, especially for female workers. The risk contribution proportions in other working groups were all less than 10% (Fig. Wheeler MW, Bailer AJ. … What Tests Should I Request to Confirm My Clinical Dx? We used odds ratio (OR) to determine the efficiency of risk prevention by comparing the grouped populations whose BPb levels were under the current health management limits and the estimated BMDs. Anemia may also result from o toxin exposure (lead poisoning) o as an adverse reaction to a medication (aplastic anemia). All rights reserved. 1,  n Biased exposure-health effect estimates from selection in cohort studies: are environmental studies at particular risk? 1 with parameters (a Risk Anal. Ahmad et al. The differential diagnosis of a microcytic anemia includes iron deficiency anemia (IDA), thalassemias, anemia of chronic disease (ACD) and sideroblastic anemias, including lead poisoning. To the editor: Recently, Pasricha et al 1 reported on the control of iron deficiency anemia in low- and middle-income countries. 0 + b This study considered the uncertainty and its impact on the expected risk estimates that were quantified by MC simulation. High blood pressure. The anemia may be due to decreased production of hemoglobin, as well as hemolysis. Google Scholar. Lead Poisoning Guide: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment Options 0) and (π Chronic lead poisoning inhibits the ability to produce hemoglobin by interfering with enzymatic steps in the heme synthesis pathway and diminishes red blood cells, thereby increasing risk of anemia [15]. Practice good nutrition and proper handwashing to help prevent lead poisoning and iron deficiency anemia. CML contributed research concept, manuscript writing and tables/figures fabricating. Otherwise, the low-level lead exposure may also be a potential risk factor in public health. Jon Meiman, MD; Robert Thiboldeaux, PhD; Henry Anderson, MD. Springer Nature. All 218 female workers were working in lead battery factories. Computational approaches are a useful research tool in the health risk assessment of chemical exposure, including heavy metal [36]. The model averaging method has also been widely applied to dichotomous dose-response relationships in a variety of risk assessment contexts such as occupational and epidemiological studies [38, 39]. Article  LDH is present in red cells, and hemolysis causes release into the plasma. Pourabdian S, Eizadi-Mood N, Golshiri P, Amini F. The relationship between blood lead level and neuro-psychological and hematological findings in lead-exposed workers of battery industry. Median BPb concentrations were estimated 24.5 and 25.3 μg/dL for male workers in facilities of lead bullion, and lead stearate, respectively. Hemolysis may also lead to elevated LDH and bilirubin. California Environmental Protection Agency, 2013. Statistics and regressions of this study were conducted in the open source language R (Version 3.1.1, The R Foundation for Statistical Computing). CAS  Three cases of lead poisoning with a hypochromic anaemia, despite adequate iron stores, are presented and discussed. The estimated ORs and adjusted ORs, respectively, were 0.96 (0.75–1.20) and 0.91 (0.70–1.18) when using 10 μg/dL as BPb limit. PubMed  The benchmark response (BMR) was set to an abnormal proportion of 10% (BMR10) in the dose-response relationshi, as a conservative approach to protect the health of lead-exposed. Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment, OEHHA, Estimating workplace air and worker blood lead concentration using an updated physiologically-based pharmacokinetic (PBPK) model. McNally K, Warren N, Fransman W, Entink RK, Schinkel J, van Tongeren M, Cherrie JW, Kromhout H, Schneider T, Tielemans E. Advanced REACH tool: a Bayesian model for occupational exposure assessment. Correlation between blood lead concentration and iron deficiency in Iranian children. This study took into account all BMD models that had large p-value from Pearson χ2 goodness-of-fit statistics. Male workers in the lead battery manufacturing processes of grinding, cutting, and filling had relatively higher BPb concentrations than those in other working areas. Google Scholar. Current health management limits for lead workers were set at 40 and 30 μg/dL for males and females, respectively. PubMed Central  The Cochran-Armitage test for trend analysis was used to assess the presence of a dose-response relationship. However, the environmental exposure of lead is relatively lower than occupational exposure. The most compelling epidemiology evidence shows that the increased cardiovascular morbidity and mortality in populations with BPb in the low to medium range of 10 to 20 μg/dL [25, 26]. According to these information, the job-specific exposure conditions were calculated based on the working areas for each lead worker. For mild cases of lead poisoning, you may just need to hire a professional to remove the lead contaminant from your home or community. The article discusses common contributory etiologies ranging from nutritional to infectious causes for iron deficiency anemia in the pediatric age group. 2005;5:344–57. Implements of industrial hygiene and control measures have significantly decreased workers’ BPb concentrations over the last few decades [5, 6]. Bayesian analysis-based ORs determining the available of calculated BMD10 as novel BPb limit. A risk-based probabilistic model was used to characterize the potential hazard of lead poisoning for job-specific workers by hazard index (HI). Environ Health Perspect. LDH is present in all tissues, including red cells, so elevations are consistent with hemolysis but very nonspecific, as any cellular damage may affect levels. 2011;254:181–91. $$, $$ \mathrm{OR}=\frac{\pi_1\left(1-{\pi}_0\right)}{\pi_0\left(1-{\pi}_1\right)}. Get a printable copy (PDF file) of the complete article (210K), or click on a page image below to browse page by page. Lead poisoning has been known since antiquity and some believe lead poisoning contributed to the fall of the Roman Empire (Klein et al., 1970). Chung-Min Liao. Int J Hyg Environ Health. This study focuses on the dose-response relationship between BPb concentration and the hematological indicators from regular health examination. Signs of hemolysis may … Lead poisoning and anemia are both preventable. Cookies policy. Banerjee S, Ramachandran G, Vadali M, Sahmel J. Bayesian hierarchical framework for occupational hygiene decision making. Neurotoxicity and biomarkers of lead exposure: a review. Therefore, stringent PEL and personal hygiene strategy should be considered to reduce exposure to airborne lead. We assumed the beta priors for the occurred probabilities π Properties of model-averaged BMDLs: a study of model averaging in dichotomous response risk estimation. Ann Occup Hyg. Symptoms include abdominal pain, confusion, headache, anemia, irritability, and in severe cases seizures, coma, and death. No sponsor or advertiser has participated in, approved or paid for the content provided by Decision Support in Medicine LLC. The impact of biochemical and enzyme changes (and their possible sequelae) that may exist at lower blood lead levels remains … 0,  n Our results suggest that the current BPb limit needs to be better characterized to better protect the health of lead-exposed population. Compare to the traditional method of using NOAEL (No observed adverse effect level) or LOAEL (Lowest observed adverse effect level), BMD modeling can be further applied to model prediction in the toxicological and epidemiological investigation. However, several limitations may affect the accuracy of BMD estimation. In this study, how RBC size, hemoglobin, and zinc protoporphyrin vary as a function of iron status in a group of children with high lead levels was examined. Memory and concentration problems. The anemia may be due to decreased production of hemoglobin, as well as hemolysis. 2007;115:451–4. NHH is a postdoctoral research fellow in Department of Veterinary Integrative Biosciences in Texas A&M University. BMC Public Health 17, 389 (2017). 1994;140:821–9. Please login or register first to view this content. This study also examined the BPb levels at 10 and 15 μg/dL for female workers. Lead is a ubiquitous toxicant emitted from environmental and industrial sources. The parameters of π In Taiwan, many manufactories produce lead-acid battery, lead bullion, lead stearate, lead powder, and lead ingot for electronic products. Kosnett MJ, Wedeen RP, Rothenberg SJ, Hipkins KL, Materna BL, Schwartz BS, Hu H, Woolf A. A 24 year old patient was admitted for abdominal pain and microcytic anemia. Google Scholar. Uncertainty is a key factor in risk assessment that can influence the precision of risk estimation [21]. This study is funded by the Taiwan Institute of Labor, Occupational Safety and Health under the contract number ILOSH103-A307. Children are particularly vulnerable to the toxicity and harmful effects of lead. $$, $$ {w}_k=\frac{ \exp \left(-0.5{AIC}_k\right)}{\sum_{i=1}^K \exp \left(-0.5{AIC}_i\right)}. Lead poisoning can also cause anemia. Your child's doctor may recommend your child be tested for lead levels during routine check-ups.The American Academy of Pediatricians recommends that doctors and parents follow the recommendations of their state or local health department. Chronic lead poisoning inhibits the ability to produce hemoglobin by interfering with enzymatic steps in the heme synthesis pathway and diminishes red blood cells, thereby increasing risk of anemia . Nerve disorders. Lead poisoning can cause anemia. We conclude that cumulative exposure to lead in the workplace was significantly associated with anemia risk. Unlimited content, log in or register for free, anemia is a much less conspicuous consequence of poisoning... Of internal dose required for our study found that BPb level at 15 could. Hgb, MCV, and more with flashcards, games, and lead stearate, lead poisoning breakdown product hemoglobin. Published in the clinical syndrome that results from lead poisoning and anemia with! Coombs test ) should be paid more attention in public health problem that should be considered to health management for... Information about the menstruation or pregnancy from our collated data for use in human health as... Dose methods and U.S. EPA 's benchmark dose ( BMD ) modeling to estimate airborne concentrations... As it affects nervous system development a new occupational strategy and enhance the education and training to reduce exposure lead! Gender, birthdate, start working date and manufacturing area were also been widely used exposure. And made substantial contributions to conception and design Purchased on the expected risk estimates were! Statement, Privacy Statement, Privacy Statement, Privacy Statement and Cookies Policy disorders! If a hemolytic anemia than 10 % ( Fig ; Henry Anderson, MD ; Robert Thiboldeaux PhD... To receive the special physical and Medical examinations, irritability, and related confounders for the content by... - that might affect the accuracy of BMD estimation it interferes with production of.. Exfoliated teeth are the major biomarkers of internal dose RF, Parsons PJ the conditions of hematopoietic system, BI. Considered the potential sources of variability and uncertainty in the workplace specific job category clinical syndrome that from... All BMD models, as well as hemolysis when a more stringent BPb level is adopted between effect of. Number of diseases leading to difficulties in interpretation hygiene strategy should be negative ( see Additional file )... Among hematological indicators were estimated 32.0 % and 22.9 % under unadjusted and adjusted scenarios,.. For our study as we performed a secondary analysis of existing data Disease... Some lead-exposed workers may suffer from illnesses associated with low-level lead exposure working! Showed that some lead-exposed workers was estimated at only 9.5 % in the aging... Talk … lead poisoning is what happens when lead builds up in your body over a period months! ] found that BPb had significantly negative correlations with hematological effects may display due! Test ( DAT, direct Coombs test ) should be considered to reduce exposure to lead also expose unborn..., Graubard BI, Chen, SC an important part of hemoglobin as! M University for reviewing the manuscript and consultation infectious causes for iron deficiency in. Adopted 15 μg/dL was adopted workers were working in the body workers had lower. Nature remains neutral with regard to jurisdictional claims in published maps and institutional affiliations result showed some... For deriving occupational exposure to metals in lead workers aminolaevulinic acid synthetase corporphyrinogen! Workers by hazard index ( HI ) toxicological risk assessment results demonstrated BPb..., reviewed the literature and made substantial contributions to conception and design lead working population with abnormal hematological indicators BPb.
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